WACE UP is a non-profit organisation developed from the belief that there is an urgent need for change in this world. With your support, our team can continue to expand and manage the website, host more events, and make documentaries.

All donations go to:

  • documentary & video productions, to cover costs like film & audio equipment, misc props, and post production services.
  • travel expenses to give presentations and seminars at various municipalities, universities, and companies.
  • vulgarisation material, such as business cards, flyers, posters, banners, etc.

You can support us in a couple of ways:

1. You can make a general donation using the below link.

2. You can purchase DVD copies of our documentaries by visiting our store (online soon).

Help us grow and allow us to continue this important work.
All the support we have is YOU!

Thank you very much,
your fellow man.

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