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We’ve all heard or have been told this infamous statement before: “live in the moment.” The reasoning as to why we are coming across it may be different for all us, but regardless the message always stands true and can be quite profound when truly reflected upon.

We live in a world where for the most part, ‘this’ moment is always overshadowed. We tend to preoccupy ourselves with something that has already happened or will happen in the near future rather than fully being present in what is happening right now…which is ultimately the only thing that matters. Why? Because it is the only thing that we are currently living. That which has happened in the past we can no longer change, and that which will happen in the future will have its own moment when its time comes.

Being fully present in the moment can always be easier when the moment comes with a certain emotional charge – think of a great moment of accomplishment perhaps, your first kiss, a scary experience or even a moment of deep sadness. These moments are all so  rich with experience that most of us -if not all of us -cannot help but find ourselves fully engaged within them when they happen. The truth is that every single moment in our lives is just as rich and is therefore deserving of our full presence.

This video entitled ‘Moments’ put together by Will Hoffman with Radiolab does a great job at illustrating how much every single moment truly has to offer:

Rather than letting the lesson of living in the moment pass by you with a simple nod of agreement, try practicing it right now! Whether you are sitting in front of your computer, or reading this somewhere on your phone or tablet truly observe everything that is going on around you. Even if there is nothing overly appealing visually or emotionally just observe it for what it is. It’s only your mind that tries to define things as worthy of your attention or not. Without the definition every moment is colourful and worth living to the fullest.

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