WACE UP is a non-profit environmental organisation.
We have two key missions:

  1. First, we try to stimulate awareness on 6 main pillars that determine our lives: nature, relations, spirituality, health, time, and money. For each pillar, we look for a consciousness revolution (CORE), if possible today. We try to analyze each pillar through facts and we look for sustainable solutions. Moreover, we give tips on how to integrate the new consciousness in our daily lifestyle. In this transition, it is important to not ignore your own ideas. Instead, reflect and discuss about it, spread the word, become aware! 
  2. Secondly, we aim to group the various organisations working on related issues under one symbol, one revolution. Instead of working next to each other, we have to work together. To save this planet and put pressure on governments, powerfull enterprises, and systems that make decisions for us, we need unity and a common comprehensive approach. Let the sign of WACE UP become a symbol for change. Let’s all stand up together and make clear that we have something to say in this life, on this planet. It’s time to wake up, be aware, be change, be symbol, be revolution, and transfer human consciousness to the younger generations.

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