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What is ‘nature’ for a human being?

We are all part of nature. We need nature as an environment to be ourselves, to survive. It gives us food, air, and the opportunity for recreation and a high-quality (read: healthy) lifestyle. Without a healthy natural environment, no life is or would be possible on earth. Just as every human being, we have to respect nature and all its creatures. We are just actors playing our role in the scene of nature, similar as animals, trees, flowers, mushrooms, and more. Respecting our role in the natural cycle is an important aspect to maintain biodiversity and environmental health.


And what is nature for humanity today?

An inexhaustible source. Human irrespective actions have provoked irreversible disturbances in natural nutrient and water cycles. Raw materials are utilized at a rapid pace, making nutrient and energy scarcity an imminent threat. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers, the transformation of forests into arable land, and organic waste disposal are just some examples of non-sustainable resource management. These actions cause environmental pollution: green water lakes, dead fish, smog, drought, and more, meanwhile contributing to climate change. The increasing meat consumption and growing world population further stimulate this transition, making nature an easy bird for the cat. Ever since the industrial evolution, people have been pushed to believe that they have to make money to survive. However, thinking of all the money required to restore the damage that we have caused to our natural environment, to heal the resulting diseases and pests, and to make water again potable for each of us, would it not have been better to just maintain our natural resources rather than needing to make money to restore them?

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