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What is time for a human being?

At the basis, time is an indicator to diversify between day and night, and more, between morning, afternoon, and evening. But, it is also a motion that make us feel that we are here present in happiness or unhappiness. At moments that feel like time stands still often most intense feelings of life occur. The calmer a person lives, the more he realizes the wonderfulness if his existence. There are 24 hours in a day, but we live now, not yesterday or tomorrow. Getting a lucky blissful feeling at every moment of life is impossible, because we need downs to know and feel the ups. However, trying to be satisfied with what we have right here and right now is possible.


And what is time for humanity today?

Time is often linked to yesterday or tomorrow. The now is systematically forgotten. As time moves forward, we do not realize the beauty of our existence or don’t have time to think about it. People are so busy with work, money, and possession that they forget to breathe continuously and to be excited about the present time. More than that, lots of people feel lost when having holidays or some time free. Depression or anxiety are just a few of the results.

In harmony with the understanding now, life is. Live the now and grasp the moment that gives the most satisfaction.

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