CORE (COnsciousness REvolution)

A comparison between A and B

What are relations for a human being?

A human being only survives if the primordial needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping and necessary movement (see health) are fulfilled. However, people who have a functional brain, also have mental needs. We need social interaction, people to rely on, to talk and discuss with, to love. The more we invest in such relationships/interactions, the more intense our life becomes.


And what’s relations today?

People today are more connected to one another than ever before in human history, thanks to Internet-based social networking sites and text messaging. However, they are also more lonely and distant from one another in their unplugged lives. We are tempted to give precedence to people we are not with over people we are with. We text during dinner with our families. We text as we drive. We text when we are with our children in the playground. Children say they try to make eye contact with their parents and are frustrated because their parents are looking down at their smart phones when they come out of school or after school activities. People who choose to devote large portions of their time to connecting online are more isolated than ever in their non-virtual lives, leading to emotional disconnection, mental fatigue, and anxiety. Most of these people don’t even know themselves, let stand that they make time to think about it.

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