CORE (COnsciousness REvolution)

A comparison between A and B

What is spirituality for a human being?

It is natural for a human being to come at some point in life at which he wonders what he’s doing here on earth, what the purpose of life is, and what he will become after death. The conclusion is that no one actually really knows. Thus, people create a picture and start believing in something, usually imposed by education. We attempt to give meaning to the mystery of life. We look for reasons and meanings, and eventually follow books that encourages us to live according to certain  directions and standards in order to reach the truth.


And what is spirituality today?

Religion has become a driver for separation of humanity, similar as black and white, leading to intolerance, disputes, and wars. The place where and family in which people grow up usually determines their religion, what they believe in, and what rules they have to follow. Whether it is the Bible or the Koran, we cling to the belief that is imposed by our education. Often there’s no way out, no freedom of the mind.

But how can another now know what good faith is for ourselves? Is the real truth of our existence written in a book? Wouldn’t it be better to just believe in ourselves, do good to other people, live in peace with ourselves, the other, and nature, and share love? Maybe the real spirit is the love and peace that lives in each of us?

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