CORE (COnsciousness REvolution)

A comparison between A and B

What is money for a human being?

Money is the system that we designed to give value to items. The notes and coins that we possess determine our wealth. We have to work to earn it and can buy things with it that make us survive. Often the people with money get more rich because they can exercise power on those who are poor and eventually earn more money. This system quickly replaced the barter in ancient times, just because it stimulates the diversification of classes between people who at the basics are similar.


And what is money today?
The lust for money is an overruling cancer. It is a false value, but we don’t leave our house without it. In fact, these days there’s not much we can do without it. Or so we think… Happiness is not for sale. It only eases a little the affair, but again this depends on what we understand by happiness. Capitalism has created a huge barrier between the rich and the poor, and has driven us to always want more and more, thereby forgetting the real values of life. Think about the poor people in Africa who live in large families, helping each other to survive and being together at all times. These people are way more happy then a lonely rich father who’s wife has run away with part of his money, and who doesn’t know his children because he worked so hard during their youth. Often simplicity creates more valued richness than virtual money. Don’t we all admire the feeling of waking up in a tent in the middle of nature, cooking on a bonfire, and not having to worry about what time it is and what clothes we have to wear today?

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