From consciousness, through education to action!

Dear fellow people,

Our human existence is pushed with its back against the wall and cannot move forward. If the human race does not change its attitudes on this planet, then we are heading straight for destruction. This website is designed to stimulate your awareness on 6 main pillars of life: nature, relations, spirituality, health, time, and money. For each pillar, we look for a consciousness revolution (CORE), if possible today. Secondly, we try to analyze each pillar through facts and we look for solutions. Finally, we give tips on how to integrate the new consciousness in your daily lifestyle. 

The more people grasp the heavy problems of this planet, the more chance our planet has to survive a little bit longer. All systems on which our daily life is based pose an entrenched resistance to change. The systems are owned and ruled by less than 1 percent of the world population… by people who care more about money than happiness, sustainability, and health. We are done seeing this world becoming a mess. We can not consider this normal. Let’s brainstorm and be change! We are numerous enough to exert force on the system. We just have to work together, spread the word, we have to reunite and think clear, TODAY, before it’s too late. Be the change you want to see in this world. Be an example of change and give oxygen to your grandchildren.

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